Our services include IT consulting, design, development, implementation, and support of custom-made software applications, as well as the implementation of Microsoft Business Solutions. In Rock Solid Technologies™, we create, develop, and implement any software project from the beginning to the end. We are dedicated to the implementation of Business Intelligence solutions that allows us to convert data into information.

Our staff of Microsoft certified professionals have years of experience in the development of robust solutions for the complex processes that are common in large corporations and agencies. In Rock Solid, we woTechnologies™ rk towards the achievement of our customers’ goals and understanding of their needs. Through our expertise and technological capabilities, we identify and develop a solution according to their business.



At Rock Solid Technologies™, we are dedicated to Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions’ implementation, which allows us to convert data into useful information. With the information obtained, we can generate scenarios, forecasts and reports that will help you make better business decisions with fewer risks, incrementing your competitive advantage. We have deep knowledge of all the technical aspects involved in the development and installation of successful BI.

Some Benefits Are:

Faster creation of reports
The time it takes to create your company’s reports will be substantially reduced, with the
elimination of several manual steps in the gathering and cleansing of data process.

Increased Data Reliability

The implementation of a consistent method of gathering and cleansing of data will help increase the consistency and reliability of the data needed to generate reports.

More Analysis Information

Faster reports with reliable results will give the resources more time to analyze information and complete other administrative tasks.

Faster Decision Making

Gives your staff timely access to more reliable information results for faster decision making. Rock Solid Technologies’ commitment, and Microsoft’s BI Analysis and Reporting Tools, will fit your company’s needs while converting collections of raw data into information and helpful insight. Our BI solution is our contribution to help you achieve business success. For more information you can contact our team of experts in Microsoft Business Intelligence in Puerto Rico.



In Rock Solid Technologies, we work closely to help clients achieve their business goals. After understanding customer needs, we use our industry knowledge, our expertise and technological capabilities to help them improve their business. We identify and develop solutions that help our clients:

■ Customize solutions to specific requirements

■ Maximize business efficiency

■ Increase revenues

■ Improve operational performance

■ Provide better products and services

■ Reduce expenses

■ Secure vital data



Rock Solid’s core competency is developing custom IT applications for government agencies and private enterprises. Our staff of Microsoft certified professionals have years of experience in the development of robust solutions for the complex processes that are common in large corporations and agencies.

We start by making sure we fully understand your detailed requirements. Then we design, develop and install an application that works as a solution to your problem and can be easily updated as your requirements evolve in the future. To assure total satisfaction, we provide documentation, knowledge transfer to your IT staff and on-going support to ensure the long-term success of your application.



Rock Solid Technologies is a one of Puerto Rico’s largest information system consulting firms. We have been distinguished as a leading provider of custom-made applications using Microsoft Dynamics platform.

The Microsoft Dynamics platform is a line of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables your people to make important business decisions with greater confidence. Our solutions automate and streamline financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes in a way that helps you drive business success. Rock Solid excels at providing and implementing Dynamics CRM, GP and AX, in Puerto Rico.

In addition to custom development the Rock Solid team of experts also provides training and support users of the Microsoft Dynamics platform in Puerto Rico, United States and the Caribbean.

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