On Saturday, May 10, 2014 the Rock Solid’s RESPOND© team transformed the Microsoft Store located at Plaza Las Américas in San Juan, Puerto Rico into a ‘RESPOND Store’. Teal colored-balloons, promotional videos, RESPOND t-shirts, ‘I love RESPOND’ buttons, and banners with the product’s colors and icon were decorating each of the corners of the store.

RESPOND PR App Day was intended to create awareness of our mobile application, and in turn, increase the quantity of downloads. Our peers, Joseph Cruz and Samuel Rivera were the speakers of the App Day. At 1PM, our peers initiated their 15 minute speeches every hour to showcase the APP to the visitors of the store, such as how to download it and how to create a case using the App. At the end of every speech, we raffled a Microsoft Gift Card.

Throughout the day, the compromised and enthusiastic RESPOND team stood strong in front of the store delivering to all shoppers the app’s promotional material and campaign slogan: ‘Ubica. Retrata. Repórtalo con RESPOND PR’ (Locate it. Take a Picture. Report it with RESPOND).

The date of the event was strategically chosen taking in consideration the proximity to Mother’s Day, a holiday were shopping malls are much frequented, and stores get more traffic; conductive to reach a bigger audience. Likewise, the event worked simultaneously with a promotional campaign held during the preceding and current months through social media. As a result of both initiatives, downloads increased in a 66% and more cases had been received.

We are very proud and extremely thankful for the support and effort of all the employees that not only showed up at the store that day, but ‘rolled up their sleeves’ promoting our awesome mobile App!

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