RESPOND© is a civic engagement platform that provides a centralized way to connect with your citizens. This web-based solution is configured according to the requirements of local governments and takes advantage of predefined and configurable process workflows that have been built thru years of experience with government agencies, counties, municipalities and public corporations.

RESPOND©’s low monthly fee includes customer support, system maintenance and continuous enhancements. In addition, it provides a familiar and easy-to-use interface based on tools and technologies which most people are accustomed to using.

This web-based solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, is modified according to the requirements of the organization, making it an efficient and user friendly system. It integrates with a customized web portal that is given the look and feel of your organization. With RESPOND©, the citizens have 24/7 access to inquire about services and request information or status updates, either through the web portal or our RESPONDPR mobile app.

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STAFF-M© is a human resources management solution, designed for government agencies, that integrates employee and job position data. It works in tandem with the time and attendance management module, TIMEROLL©, also developed by Rock Solid Technologies™.

STAFF-M© allows for the storage, organization, and access of all the vital human resources information, while maximizing time and economic resources. STAFF-M© users have easy and controlled access to the database, allowing them to manage and report employee information.

Keeping track of employee’s records, attendance, compensatory time, account numbers, and reports management are just some of the functions the solution offers.

With STAFF-M© HR professionals can focus their time on meaningful work in order to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Here are its key benefits and functionalities:

■ Easily adaptable to laws and regulations

■ More visibility and faster human resources data gathering process

■ Registry and employee record management

■ Professional licenses management

■ Compensatory time management

■ Employee history records management

■ Integration with payroll accounts

■ Reporting management

The solution also offers all the advantages of leading Microsoft technologies, including its familiar user interface, compatibility, portability, scalability, and ease of technical maintenance.

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SIMA© is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to efficiently manage core accounting/financials, budgeting and forecasting, human resources, and payroll management for public sector organizations. It eliminates the administrative burdens of managing disparate systems and unmanageable interfaces.

SIMA© allow governments to maintain current financial records up-to-date, in an integrated and secured way. It complies with major regulatory agencies and accounting laws in the US and Latin America.

The solution manages taxpayers’ transactions, such as processing of municipal business licenses and Sales and Use Tax, quickly and efficiently. In addition, SIMA© organizes and provides access to all the vital Human Resources information, maximizing time and financial resources.

Developed using Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, SIMA© is a user friendly tool. With SIMA©, financial leaders enjoy improved and timelier reporting and visibility across the organization; leading to better decision making and improved service to the public.


■ Updated in real time

■ Minimizes operational costs

■ Increases personnel productivity

■ More efficiency in processes

■ Improves management decision making

■ Easily adaptable to changes in laws/regulations or requirements

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INGRESYS© is a cashier and revenue management system for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It helps public entities to manage revenue processes more efficiently and to comply with the major regulatory agencies and accounting laws in the US and Latin America. It aims to facilitate the processes of revenues, providing better services to citizens. The system is easily configured and has the flexibility to add users and functionality, as needed.

INGRESYS© is a cloud-based solution developed by Rock Solid Technologies™, designed to solve one of the biggest financial challenges government entities face. Here are its key benefits:

■ Processes all revenue sources (taxes, licenses, permits, fines, and rentals)

■ Automatically calculates payment amounts, interest, and penalties

■ Verifies payment status of taxes/fees

■ Prints receipts, licenses and permits

■ Government compliance reporting (cashier reconciliations, accounting journals, distribution details, among others)

■ Fully Integrated with Dynamics GP

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virtual collector

VIRTUAL COLLECTOR© is an online revenue collections tool for government entities that provides a central data repository that contains all the transactions posted by merchants. It handles the sales and use tax (SUT) collection transactions, according to established legislation.

With VIRTUAL COLLECTOR© merchants can handle, on-line, all municipal business licenses, payment of sales taxes, and other collections processes. Its availability for merchants, significantly reduces the time they invest in this type of transactions.

This integrated web system works as an administrative and approval mechanism for all submissions. Some of its key benefits are:

■ Streamlining of processes

■ Online Tax collection

■ Flexibility and availability for merchants

■ Validates the accuracy of input data and required documents



MECOMS™/Microsoft Dynamics® AX


Rock Solid Technologies™ and Ferranti Computer System partnered to provide a solution for the utility industry. The solution based on Microsoft Dynamics® AX, MECOMS™, integrates operational and financial areas into the same system.

MECOMS™ is a business support system for energy and utility companies that combines flexibility, efficiency and smart insights to drastically cut cost-to-serve.

MECOMS™ is a vertical solution for utilities industry based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. It provides both, Meter Data Management (MDM) and a Customer Information System (CIS), financial management and HRM and Inventory management functionality. MECOMS™ and Dynamics combines flexibility, efficiency and ease of user to form one powerful solution for your business.

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MEDVANTIX© is a centralized credentialing system that provides comprehensive healthcare practitioner credentialing to medical groups, hospitals, health systems, and healthcare organizations.

It is a business solution specifically developed for healthcare organizations, from small community hospitals to large managed care clients including HMOs, PPOs, IPAs, insurance companies, networks, and physician groups of all sizes.

The following detailed information can be tracked in compliance with the industry standards:

■ Provider Demographics

■ Certifications

■ Credentials Committee

■ Work History

■ License Information

■ Others

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JUSTICE 360© is a centralized web based system that manages electronic entries for cases prosecuted by the court. It centralizes and streamlines the processing of cases while increasing access to justice and transparency of judicial proceedings in all its areas.

It facilitates the implementation of court processes and its e-files, allowing the authorized constituents to process and file documents electronically through the web portal. JUSTICE 360© will provide court administrators accurate information about their operation and maximize the use of their human resources.

Some of its key benefits are:

■ Streamlines court cases proceedings

■ Provides business intelligence on judicial processes and the performance of each court

■ Available in English or Spanish

■ Reduce operational costs

■ Provides integration within the judicial system

■ Facilitates decision making

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Rock Solid Technologies, Inc. developed a complete accounting and distribution software solution for the petroleum distribution market. This solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 so that all functions run in a single, fully integrated ERP system. Customers who run their business with the Rock Solid petroleum distribution solution can be assured of the long term viability of the solution because of Microsoft’s strong commitment to the Dynamics 365 platform.

Some of the solution core features are:

■ Financial management

■ Sales orders

■ Reporting and analytics

■ Project accounting and management

■ Human resources

■ Manage support cases

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